About this blog

The ELFA project (English as a Lingua Franca in Academic Settings) is directed by Professor Anna Mauranen in the University of Helsinki’s Dept. of Modern Languages. For more information about the project, its corpora, and publications, please see the university website:


This blog is an outlet for the activities and research of the ELFA project and a forum to discuss related topics concerning English as an academic lingua franca and ELF research in general. The blog is maintained by Ray Carey, a PhD student in the project, who takes responsibility for the content and opinions. The posts are not intended to represent the views of the University of Helsinki or Prof. Mauranen, who has approved the blog but encourages her students to think for themselves.

In other words, if you have an objection to something you read, take it up with the author and don’t hassle his supervisor.

You can reach Ray at ray.carey at helsinki.fi.

Links to topics in the blog

Most of the posts on this blog discuss published academic research. These are tagged under Research Blogging and are also indexed at researchblogging.org. Several posts deal with the research of ELFA project members, including Anna Mauranen, Niina Hynninen, Jaana Suviniitty, Kaisa Pietikäinen, and Ray Carey.

A number of posts present original findings that have not yet been published elsewhere. Linguistic databases used in these posts include the ELFA corpus, WrELFA corpus, and the VOICE, MICASE, and BASE corpora.

Project activities are described in conference reports and seminar reports. Other topics of interest include Linear Unit Grammar (LUG), English native speakers & ELF, business ELF (BELF), and ELF in the news.

updated 25.10.2014

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